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My Favourite Protein Powders (Vegan & Non)

March 09, 2019 Report

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Whether you’re just looking for a quick fix before a meal, or something after a gruesome gym workout, protein powders are a great option. They’re high in absorbable protein, delicious, and incredibly versatile.

1. Vega Sport Performance Protein — Chocolate

For anyone that can’t tolerate dairy or whey, Vega Performance Protein is a great option. It comes in a variety of flavours (chocolate, vanilla, mocha, and berry) to suit every preference.

While some vegan protein powders are gritty and leave a chalky taste in your mouth, Vega performance protein mixes well with water or milk (dairy or non) for a smooth, rich, and creamy drink. Not only does it taste great added to a smoothie, but it tastes just as great on it’s own too.

With 30g of plant based protein sourced from pea, alfalfa, pumpkin seed, and sunflower seeds, 6g of BCAAs, 1 billion CFUs probiotics (no fridge necessary), and no sugar added (naturally sweetened with stevia), it’s my number one choice for a healthy, clean protein.

2. Organika Enhanced Collagen 

If you’re not into the pre-mixed protein powders, Organika’s enhanced collagen is a fantastic choice. Sourced from grass-fed, pasture-raised cows, it contains no hormones or antibiotics, no fillers, no additives, and no artificial ingredients — just 100% pure collagen protein. It’s highly bioavailable, digestible, and soluble, which means you’re getting only the highest quality.

Whether it’s mixed into coffee or a smoothie, or added into baked goods, it’s a great way to get an extra dose of protein while getting all the benefits that collagen has to offer. Like what? you may ask.

Contain glycine, proline, and lysine, which are essential for improving the skinNaturally contains glutamine, which helps to decrease intestinal permeabilityProvides structure to joints, tendons, and cartilage

As it's tasteless, it can be used in virtually anything. My favourite way is to dump a scoop or two in a homemade hot cocoa, blend it with coconut oil into my morning coffee, or mix is with berries and greens for a perfect post-workout meal!

3. Diesel Whey Protein — Vanilla and Chocolate

As my go-to whey protein, Perfect Sports makes a stellar product that everyone will love. Diesel whey protein isolate is made from grass-fed New Zealand whey with no antibiotics of hormones. 

It’s in an easy to absorb and highly bioavailable form ensuring maximum utilization within the body. It also contains 7g of branched chain amino acids (BCAA’s) and 5g of L-Glutamine/Glutamic Acid to help stop the breakdown effect of training and supply your muscles with everything they need to rebuild, repair, and grow.

It mixes really well with both milk and water, leaving no clumps or grittiness. It also tastes great mixed into a shake or smoothie, as well as on its own. It’s naturally sweetened with stevia, which means no artificial sweeteners and flavours.

Personally, my favourite way to have this protein was straight with milk or nut milk, but the chocolate is also delicious when you mix with some peanut butter, banana, and milk of choice — makes for a yummy, creamy, and nutrient rich shake. 


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by Andrea Barrett
by Andrea Barrett
by Andrea Barrett

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