De-stress/Reduce Cortisol (and belly fat) - Mushroom Drink!

February 20, 2019 Report

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WINTER IS NOT MY FAVOURITE! It gets want to curl up....and it makes everything just that more stressful. I always used to can eat right, sleep well, and workout 2 times a day...but if you are stressed YOU ARE UNHEALTHY! It is a busy time during sipping on this drink is truly my method of survival.

It is made of: Ashwagandha: (decreases stress hormone, reduces abdomen fat) Red Reishi Mushroom: (strengthens immune system, fights infection - which we all know is passed around in the Winter). And cocoa for taste!

THIS IS NOT A SLEEPY DRINK! It will not make you fall asleep. You can add it to your coffee and still feel the caffeine, you just won't be jittery/anxious (which caffeine can sometimes do).


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