The Best of Nature: DERMANICHE Under Eye Gel. Truly, THE BEST!

May 07, 2020 Report

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My first exuberant surprise came from reading the ingredients - Wow!! Extremely clean and thoughtfully put together.

So, immediately, I thought this product was too good to be true! This is truly the CLEANEST formula that I have ever come across in a concentrated serum. As a long time manager of health food stores and someone who struggles with their own skin, I've tried MANY facial and under-eye serums -- pre-made and DIY formulas, with meh outcomes.

I couldn't wait to get this simply elegant and clever formula on my face! And I was NOT disappointed!

The lightweight texture and easy absorbability was my second surprise! Seeing castor oil in the list had me a bit weary - even though the anti-inflammatory and hydration value is amazing with castor, I thought it would be heavy. NOPE!!! LIGHT AS A FEATHER!!

Mmmmmmmm.....and it smells delightful! Excellent for any man or woman with a delicious and pleasing scent for anyone's nose.

After my first application, I was hooked! I could immediately feel the aloe vara going to work on hydrating and tightening my tired skin.

Delighted that my uneven tone, wrinkles and spots were being addressed by the kojic acid, retinol and niacinamide, I was happily pleased with how much of the All-In-One Under Eye Gel that I didn't need to use in one application to get amazing coverage.

The longevity of this formula makes it even more appealing.

I couldn't be happier with the short-term effects that I'm already seeing and feeling, like tighter, brighter skin and less inflammation and irritation. I can't wait to see the long term support that this ingenious formula will have on my face!


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