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Roku tv

January 17, 2020 Report

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I bought a JVC roku smart tv from Walmart online it's a 49 inch and I bought it for 219 + tax which came out to be around 235$ which is a great price to me it's big and nice and easy to connect and download definitely worth every penny 


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Setting spray

Wet n wild matte finish setting spray, it works well but be careful not to spray too close or it will smear your mascara it is kind of like hair spray but it dries fast and isn't sticky after applying I would recommend it for a cheap setting spray
by Rebekah Schlesinger

Nyx dazed and diffused lipstick

This lipstick is smooth when applying there's various colors to choose from I got the 90s babe it is a plum purple. It's a stick like an eyeliner pencil and the other side has a blending brush so you can blur it either lining your lips and blurring it to...
by Rebekah Schlesinger

JVC roku remote

This remote has the buttons for Netflix Hulu espn and roku of course. It has the volume buttons on the side as well. It is small compact and easy to use
by Rebekah Schlesinger

Green olives

Great value green olives the small jar is only $1 at my Walmart store they are good and I like to eat a couple as a snack with side of cheese and crackers they taste no different than the name brand ones go try them!
by Rebekah Schlesinger