Cut the sick recovery in half

October 11, 2019 Report

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This fall season brought the cold/flu early into our home.  Normally I bounce back fairly fast, but this one was intense. After being affected longer than I usually do,  I was eager to feel human fast. I got this Anti-viral tincture which also contains my trusted Astragulas, but more. I took it 4-5 times a day, 1ml in hot water and after 2 days, I was feelng the sikc lift. This is a new stable in the house now. 


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Nature's Source


“Where’s my fish oils mom?”

It’s a part of my 8yo daily morning routine. He loves the flavour and I tell him it’s good for his brains too. 
by Astrid

My DIY base

I love this Castile liquid for all my DIY cleaners with my favourite essential oils. 
by Astrid

Immune soldiers

This is a staple in my household for colds and flus. My teenager swears by it to speed up the recovery when he is under the weather. He loves adding it to his teas and bone broth to power up the immune game. 
by Astrid

Hulk up Kermit

When I got my new green love in the mail I immediately made a green tea latte with this Organic Moringa leaf powder ⁣⁣Here's my science nerding after reading up on the benefits ...⁣⁣According to #pubmed, "biophenols are abundant in Moringa oleifera Lam. suggest that they may have beneficial effects on inflammatory...
by Astrid

Upping my Fat burning game

Upping my Fat burning game with supplement and shower⁣⁣Daily cold showers and taking quality #organic turmeric are two of few tips to help activate brown adipose tissue ( aka. Brown Fat )⁣⁣These special kinds of fat cells actually have mitochondria in them.⁣⁣Cool hey! That means they have power!!! ⁣
by Astrid

No soy no problem

This coconut seasoning sauce was a game changer for our Asian influenced Keto Paleo kitchen. I've tried other coconut aminos before and found them too runny and sweet. But this one is different. I like the thicker consistency that is a better substitute for soya sauce. I knew it's a winner...
by Astrid