October 10, 2019 Report

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I was super excited to try this Honey Vinegar because it’s raw and fermented and has a bunch of age-old benefits, including my fave, GUT-HEALTH, so I decided to take a gamble and use it in a CAULIFLOWER ROSÉ PENNE dish. 🍝 (I was originally planning to use it in a salad dressing). 

I was super unsure of how it would sit in the sauce but it balanced out wonderfully and helped enhance flavours, I would probably even add a bit more next time. 

It was my very first time trying honey vinegar and if you aren’t familiar with it you may want to give it a try to! I find it similar to apple cider vinegar but with a smoother, sweeter taste. Here are some other cool benefits besides supporting gut health. 

✅ Helps manage acid reflux

✅ Balances pH & blood sugar

✅ Lowers Cholesterol

✅ Reduces inflammation 👏🏼

✅ Reduces acne & skin issues (both ingested and used topically) 

My question is, with all these great health benefits, how much is too much to take..? 🤔 😆

Back to the PASTA! The Cauliflower Rosé sauce is made using San Marzano tomatoes, cauliflower, almond milk, cashew cheeze, honey vinegar, olive oil, basil oil, S+P, and a blend of herbs 🌿 


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MapleBee Nectar


My Go-To Protein Powder

Vega Sport is my Go-To Protein powder!WHY? ... because it’s plant-based and doesn’t leave me all bloated and gross feeling. My fave is the mocha flavour and I drink it to get my chocolate fix, which is perfect because it prevents me from eating junk food. 
by Christine Palmer, RHNP

Kiss dry skin goodbye

I totally love this stuff! It helps my super-dry skin so it’s a must when spending extra time in the sun and/or during the cold/dry seasons. I’ve taken it across the world with me when traveling for a month because I couldn’t go without it. It’s very thick to apply...
by Christine Palmer, RHNP

Ditched the toxins for THIS!

I’m iron deficient and have been taking a very harsh iron supplement for years. It contains multiple artificial colours, and harmful ingredients and is very hard on the digestive system. Check out my Instagram post @nutritionforsuccess to read more about it. I was so excited when Vista Mag introduced me...
by Christine Palmer, RHNP

This’ll cheer you up!! ☀️

I love the scent 👌🏼 it’s uplifting and energizing and it even makes my house smell fresh and clean 🧼🍋. •The oil blend is Bergamot, Orange, Lime, Grapefruit, and Lemon! 
by Christine Palmer, RHNP

Sprinkle on anything!! ✨

I sprinkle these super-seeds on my avocado toast and my salads! I love it!!! Adds some major crunch and flavour to my foods!!! 😁 AND also adds 13 essential nutrients, including 20% RDI of vitamin E and 35% RDI of magnesium. As well as 8 grams of protein and 2g...
by Christine Palmer, RHNP

Liquid B12 for the win 🥇

I eat a mainly plant-based diet and really notice the difference when taking B12. I’ve been using this one for a few months now and love it so much that I didn’t even finish the B12 I was using at the time. There is no looking back now!!I love it...
by Christine Palmer, RHNP