August 01, 2019 Report

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This spray is lovely and fresh. I love using it as a post yoga spray, linen spray and as a car refresher :) 


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Nutritious and delicious!

These are the best hemp seeds! So fresh and taste delicious in salads, smoothies and sandwiches. Honestly, I sprinkle these on pretty much anything.
by Autumn Elise

SO delicious in smoothies

This is my favourite protein powder! I'm pretty picky with flavour and texture when it comes to protein powders, but this one is SO delicious in smoothies and isn't gritty.
by Autumn Elise

Can't get enough!

This is my go-to hot chocolate mix, especially for cold winter days! It's so rich with the perfect amount of sweetness and also makes a great substitute for coco powder in recipes.
by Autumn Elise

Perfect sandwich!

This jackfruit was perfect for my pulled jackfruit grilled cheese! I roasted it in the oven with onions and lots of bbq sauce and then added it to a grilled cheese- oh my! It was so delicious and the texture was perfect
by Autumn Elise

Amazing product!

This coconut oil is great. I use it for everything- cooking, baking, moisturizer, hair mask, after sun lotion. Couldn't imagine life without coconut oil!
by Autumn Elise

Lovely and gentle

This cream has a really nice texture and is gentle on my eczema prone skin :)
by Autumn Elise