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Safe enough for my kids to chew and for our environment. (Chewsy Gum in Cinnamon)

November 24, 2020 Report

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So for a long time my son has been asking to try out gum. He sees it every year in his halloween treat bag but I always end up tossing it in the trash.

Gum is normally loaded with sugar and wrecks havoc on the teeth and any gum that is sugar free normally contains aspartame. Aspartame has been linked to behaviour issues as well as stomach troubles in children.  Plus did you know that most conventional gums are made of 80% plastic material? So you can see why gum is one thing I don't chew or let my kids have.

I was introduced to Chewsy Gum and felt comfortable letting my oldest son finally try it out and here's why.  

Chewsy Gum is plant based and completely plastic free and from an environmental perspective it is safe. Did you know that most gums take at least 5 years to start breaking down? Chewsy Gum is completely biodegradable.

It doesn't contain any sugar or aspartame but is sweetened with 100% Xylitol and studies have shown that Xylitol is benifical in preventing cavities in kids. Also it doesn't contain any artifical flavouring or colours.

We've tried the Cinnamon flavour and both my son and my self love it. Since it is great for teeth my son has been chewing a piece on our walk home from school everyday and is finding it a pleasant treat.

I've tried more natural gums before but always found they lacked flavour or ended up being hard and tough to chew or sticks to your teeth. Chewsy gum is full of flavour that lasts long and also is easy to chew and doesn't stick to your teeth.

Chewsy gum comes in a variety of flavours and we are looking forward to trying the rest out and I bet as I am writing this my son is looking forward to his treat after school.


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