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Let’s Get FREEKEH 🌾
Christine Palmer, RHNP
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Nutrient-Rich Smoothies
Cayla Ranice
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Packs a punch in my morning smoothie
Joanna Marie Nicholson
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Post yoga workout energy boost!
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Best Sauce We've Ever Reviewed - Coconut Sauce
The Holistic Detectives
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Boost your Iodine levels naturally!
Sabiha Rizvi
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SEAWEED Pleeease!
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Yummy salmon bowl with gluten free noodles, seaweed flakes and coconut sauce.
🌻 Whitney 🌻Healing with food

My New Favourite Grain!

I absolutly love this product! It's been added to my rotation of grains and is one of the more nutrient dense ones. Freekah has more fibre and protein than quinoa. I LOVE the taste and it's just as easy to make as rice and quinoa. I have it on it's...
by Aly Shoom

New go to grain

Having never tried freekeh before, I was a little skeptical if I would like it. Turns out, I had nothing to worry about. Greenwheat whole grain freekeh is a great substitute for any grains or starch you would normally use. It cooks super easy (1 cup grain to 3 cups water),...
by Andrea Barrett

Delicious nutty taste!

I recently had the opportunity to try this amazing grain, I made a mediteranean style salad with lots of lemon, tomatoes, parsley & freekeh! Being vegetarian I am always looking for nutrient dense foods to try.  I can't wait to try out some more recipes!
by Andrea Kadnar

Quality Super Food

Did you know approx. 90% of the population is deficient in fiber? This is a huge issue when it comes to staying regular and allowing the body to eliminate the many toxins we accumulate everyday. This food product is versitile, loaded with taste and super nutritious. I used it cooked...
by Brooklyn Belanger

Shut down your hunger hormones with Freekeh!

Shut down your hunger hormones with Freekeh, this ancient grain is more nutritious than quinoa! High in protein and fibre, it will signal to your body to stop producing the hunger hormones that make us have cravings! Add to salads, oatmeals or on it's own to feel full longer!
by Carmyn Ferguson RHN

Vegans, Let's Get Freekeh!!

Fellow vegans, if you are looking for something different to add to your diet, give Freekeh a try! Loaded with iron, protein and fiber, this is a great addition to a vegan meal. It has a delicious nutty taste and a great texture. Freekeh is so good in soups, stews,...
by Cayla Ranice

Let’s Get FREEKEH 🌾

If you’re looking for a little change of grain I definitely recommend this one!! It’s a great alternative to my usual rice or quinoa + provides even more nutrients. 👍🏼It’s a green grain made from young durum wheat and provides more protein, fibre, vitamins, minerals and prebiotic benefits than mature...
by Christine Palmer, RHNP

So good

I love this whole grain! I like eating in a salad with some feta cheese and chickpeas. It tastes really good
by Claudia Candeias


What in this world is Freekeh!? Are you tired of going to the same old grains in your cupboards, your brown rice, your quinoa.... usually most people haven't heard of Freekeh but it'll quickly become a staple in your cupboards.  Easy to cook up, it lasts up to a week...
by Danielle Lui

Get your Freekeh On!

I absolutely love this product!  It's even fun to say 'Freek-kah'  Easy to cook, and it's nutty, chewy texture is perfect on it's own or, in pilafs, breakfast bowls, or, in my Superfood Freekah Burgers and Strawberry Sunflower Freekah Salad!  You can feel good about serving Freekah to family and friends too...
by Deborah Gurash

Nutty and Flavourful Grain- New fave!

This freekeh is fantastic. It takes longer than other grains to cook, so keep that in mind while preparing, but it is well worth it. Easy to make and very healthy and tasty. I made it with asparagus, pine nuts, and red peppers, cooked with some spices and drizzled with...
by Chaka Liz Ben Yehuda
by Jennifer Morse