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Pure + Natural BUG REPELLENT
Christine Palmer, RHNP
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Best Bug spray
Adriana Paolella
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Bug Off 🦟
Darcee Dorrans
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The Best Test - Bug Season in the Forest!
Deborah Gurash
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Shoo-sha the bugs away without chemicals
The Holistic Detectives
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Turn Up All Summer with Shoosha to Shoo Away those Mosquitoes
Zahra Abbas

Chemical Free Bug Spray

This summer spray smells amazing and is perfect as a bug spray, room spray or cloth spray. It contains natural essential oils that repel bugs and feel great on the skin. It's so nice to find a spray that doesn't contain any chemicals or toxins, and doesn't smell terrible. I...
by Cayla Ranice

Pure + Natural BUG REPELLENT

Organic Lemon Eucalyptus Summer Spray – made by Shoosha (a Canadian brand, founded in 2010, that specializes in certified organic skincare). The brand focuses on products that are safe and pure enough for a baby’s delicate skin, but also appeals to anyone who wants a safe alternative to the harsh...
by Christine Palmer, RHNP

Shoosha "those bugs away" Summer Spray

Shoosha those bugs away!!! ⠀⠀This #certified #organic Lemon Eucalyptus Summer Spray is amazing!! It smells delicious and it really works at keeping those bugs away!⠀My hubs @tmweatherall and I like to hike... but we don’t like the bugs!!Thanks to @shooshatrue we can enjoy some forest bathing without being bugged!! ⠀⠀This...
by Melissa Weatherall

Smells amazing!

I cannot stand the smell of chemical bug-spray...and would never use it because of all the toxins! This product is made with pure essential oils, has no synthetic chemicals, and is petroleum free. This is a great alternitive that smells MUCH better. I also love the packaging, which is a...
by Aly Shoom

Best Bug spray

I keep this one in my purse now. I love how it makes my skin feel and I noticed that it’s really effective at keeping the buys away. It’s a bit oily but it absorbs into the skin and leaves a pleasant smell. I look forward to evenings now instead...
by Adriana Paolella

Bug Off 🦟

Ok, I hate mosquitos and they seem to love me so I wanted to try an organic, eco friendly option this summer to try and save my skin!shoosha is 96% organic, is non GMO, and has no synthetic fragrances or chemicals.I tried spraying my arms and not legs to see...
by Darcee Dorrans

Important Cautionary 'Tail' of a Good Product

Let me just say straight up that this stuff works. I go for nightly walks, a portion of which is through a forest, so I know bugs and I know bug bites. If mosquitoes truly go after sweet people, then I am freaking maple syrup with sugar added. I am...
by Judith🍋Duguid (CHN, RSW)

Lovely lemongrass

I LOVE this smell! Even though it's a bug spray, it smells mostly of lemongrass. I even spray my sheets with it! 
by Autumn Elise

Works good at repelling bugs! Not a fan of the scent, but it isn't bad.

I wasn't sure what to expect with this spray. The package itself did not mention anything about it helping to repel bugs, which I found odd and had wondered if it actually would work.I have an allergy to mosquito bites. I get large hives when bitten. I was excited to...

Lovely Summer Spray!

Shoosha Organic Lemon Eucalyptus Summer Spray only uses certified organic vegetable and essential oils used in Aromatherapy to repel Mosquitoes and Blackflies. Not only does it work well when applied to skin, it can also be used directly on bedding, sofa and curtains as well! There are so many great...
by Carolyn Lee

Pure. Organic. All-Natural Repellent Spray

I’m a true believer only natural ingredients should be put on your skin. Studies do show that what’s put on your skin is absorbed into your bloodstream, so why wouldn’t you put only the BEST onto the largest organ of your body – your skin!  In using Shoosha Lemon Eucalyptus...

The Best Test - Bug Season in the Forest!

So, I literally live in a forest in Northern Ontario.  We have four seasons - Fall, Winter, Spring, and from mid April to October, Bug Season!  There was never a truer test for this product lolShoosha truly organic Lemon Eucalyptus Summer Spray is a Canadian made spray full of pure...
by Deborah Gurash