Build and manage AI-voice agents that help improve your productivity and happiness.

Daily Planning and Reminders

AI voice agents can manage calendars, set reminders for appointments, and help plan daily activities, reducing stress and improving organization.

Health and Wellness Tracking

AI voice agents can provide reminders to take medications, prompt for exercise, and offer guided relaxation techniques or meditations, contributing to better health and well-being.

Educational Assistance

AI voice agents assist with learning new languages, tutoring for students, or providing explanations of complex topics, making education more accessible and engaging.


For individuals with disabilities, AI voice agents can enhance accessibility, allowing easier interaction with technology and greater independence by facilitating tasks through voice commands.


AI voice agents can play music, audiobooks, and podcasts, provide interactive storytelling, or even participate in games, enhancing leisure time and relaxation.

Smart Home Management

AI voice agents can control lighting, temperature, security systems, and home appliances through voice commands for a seamless home environment.

Personal Finance Management

AI voice agents can manage bills, track expenses, and get financial advice through voice interactions, making personal finance easier to handle.

Health Management

AI voice agents can schedule doctor’s appointments, receive medication reminders, and track fitness activities through voice prompts.

Cooking Assistance

AI voice agents can provide step-by-step cooking instructions, substitute ingredients, and manage timers hands-free while cooking.

Family Coordination

AI voice agents can coordinate schedules, send family reminders for events or tasks, and manage grocery lists collectively through a voice-activated system.

Learning and Development

AI voice agents can use voice-driven tutorials and educational content to learn new skills or languages at your own pace.

Travel Planning

AI voice agents can plan trips, book tickets, and get real-time updates on travel schedules and destinations through a voice assistant.


AI voice agents can organize and play media, manage streaming services, and interact with gaming consoles using voice commands.

Mental Health Support

AI voice agents can access voice-driven meditation, relaxation exercises, and mental health support tools to manage stress and mental well-being.

Personal Shopping Assistant

AI voice agents can get recommendations, compare prices, and make purchases through a voice-driven shopping assistant.

Customer Service

AI voice agents can automate handling of customer queries, booking appointments, and providing product information, which improves customer satisfaction and reduces workload on human staff.

Internal Communications

AI voice agents can facilitate internal messaging and meeting setups, manage emails, and coordinate between teams without needing manual input, enhancing operational efficiency.

Sales and Marketing

AI voice agents can conduct voice-driven marketing campaigns, engage customers through personalized communications, and handle simple sales transactions, driving revenue growth.

Operational Efficiency

AI voice agents can manage inventory, place orders, and access company data through voice commands, streamlining various business operations.

Employee Well-being

AI voice agents can provide mental health support through motivational quotes, mindfulness exercises, and stress relief activities, fostering a happier and more productive workplace.

Training and Onboarding

AI voice agents can use voice-driven modules for training new employees, making the learning process more interactive and less time-consuming.

Feedback and Insights

AI voice agents can collect and analyze verbal feedback from customers and employees, offering valuable insights that can lead to improvements in products and services.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

AI voice agents can update and retrieve customer information through voice commands, making CRM updates more accessible for on-the-go sales teams.

Workplace Safety

AI voice agents can use voice commands to report safety issues or emergencies in the workplace, ensuring quick response times.

Human Resources Management

AI voice agents can handle HR queries, manage leave requests, and record employee feedback through voice interactions.

Quality Assurance

AI voice agents can conduct inspections and quality checks using voice to record findings, reducing the need for manual input and paperwork.

Marketing Insights

AI voice agents can gather and analyze voice-based customer feedback to understand market needs and adjust marketing strategies accordingly.

Project Management

AI voice agents can update project statuses, manage tasks, and communicate with team members using voice commands to streamline project oversight.

Retail Customer Experience

AI voice agents can provide a hands-free shopping experience in-store, with voice assistants helping customers find products, check prices, and learn about promotions.

Voice-Activated Conferencing

AI voice agents can manage and control virtual meetings via voice, including starting calls, inviting participants, and controlling presentation slides.

Supply Chain Communications

AI voice agents can facilitate communication across the supply chain with vendors and partners through voice commands, improving the speed and accuracy of information exchange.

Legal and Compliance Training

AI voice agents can deliver compliance training and legal updates to employees through voice-interactive modules, ensuring higher engagement and retention of information.

Voice-Guided Navigation

AI voice agents can provide customers with voice-activated guidance to locate products within large stores.

Accessibility Services

AI voice agents can offer voice interaction for visually impaired customers, enabling them to shop independently with ease.

Voice-Enabled Shopping

AI voice agents can allow customers to browse, add items to cart, and check out through voice commands on e-commerce platforms.

Order Customization

Use AI voice agents to modify orders, such as clothing sizes or color preferences, before checkout.

Consumer Behavior Analysis

AI voice agents can capture and analyze verbal customer feedback and queries to understand preferences and trends.

Voice-Based Surveys

AI voice agents can conduct customer satisfaction surveys through voice agents to gather more spontaneous and natural responses.

Promotional Campaigns

Deploy AI voice agents to inform customers about new products, special discounts, or loyalty rewards.

Interactive Advertisements

Create voice-activated advertisements where customers can interact with the ad to learn more about offers or products.

Vendor Communication

Facilitate order placements and confirmations through voice commands to suppliers, speeding up restocking processes.

Real-Time Updates

Provide staff and management with voice-activated real-time updates on shipping and logistics.

Multilingual Support

AI voice agents can offer customer service in multiple languages, broadening the market reach and accommodating a diverse customer base.

Staff Scheduling

Manage employee schedules and shift swaps through AI voice agents to streamline administrative tasks.

Inventory Queries

Allow staff to check inventory levels or track specific items using voice queries, reducing time spent on manual searches.

Event Notifications

Use AI voice agents to alert customers to in-store events or special promotion days.

Registration and Check-in

Manage event registrations and check-ins through AI voice agents, creating a seamless entry process.

Tailored Recommendations

AI voice agents can provide personalized shopping suggestions based on past purchases or browsing history.

Birthday and Anniversary Alert

AI voice agents can remind customers of upcoming special dates with gift suggestions or special offers.

Product Tutorials

Use AI voice agents to provide step-by-step guidance on how to use or assemble products, which can be particularly useful for electronics, appliances, or furniture.

Virtual Try-Ons

Integrate AI voice agents commands with augmented reality applications to allow customers to virtually try on clothing, accessories, or makeup through voice-guided instructions.

Customized Alerts

AI voice agents can send personalized voice notifications about restocks, new arrivals, or price drops on products customers have shown interest in.

Unified Customer Service

AI voice agents can provide a consistent voice interaction experience across all channels, whether customers contact via phone, app, or in-store devices.

Voice-Driven Analytics

Allow managers to query sales data, performance metrics, or customer insights through voice commands to quickly access information during meetings or on the go.

Automated Reporting

Use AI voice agents to compile and deliver regular reports on sales, inventory levels, and other key business metrics.

On-the-Job Training

Deploy voice-guided training for new employees, providing real-time information about products and procedures as they navigate their tasks.

Continuous Learning

AI voice agents can offer ongoing training modules via voice to keep staff updated on new products, technologies, or customer service practices.

Maintenance Reminders

Send voice reminders to customers about product maintenance or warranty renewals, enhancing product longevity and customer satisfaction.

Post-Purchase Support

Provide voice-guided troubleshooting or support, helping customers resolve issues without needing to contact customer service.

Eco-friendly Practices

Use AI voice agents to educate customers on the sustainability aspects of products or to promote eco-friendly initiatives.

Local Events

Promote and provide information about local store events or community activities via voice agents to drive foot traffic and community involvement.

Support for Local Products

AI voice agents can highlight and promote locally sourced or artisan products through voice-interactive displays in stores.

Competitive Analysis

Deploy AI voice agents to gather verbal feedback from customers about their experiences and preferences relative to competing brands or products.

Market Trend Analysis

Use voice interactions to identify emerging trends or shifts in consumer behavior based on the questions and feedback received.

Voice Applications

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