Incredible Health With Organic B-12 - Peopletail Review

Incredible Health With Organic B-12

About 10 years ago when I was still in my 20's I stated to notice some small changes such as being tired a lot more and forgetting things. At the time I had four kids at home so I just assumed it was due to that. Shortly after I started to get heart palpitations but I thought it was just anxiety and just brushed it off. Finally one day I was driving and I started to feel pins and needles in my feet and immediately made an appointment with my doctor. Sure enough he tested my B-12 and it was low. He started me on a supplement and all my symptoms started to go away. That was years ago and I still recommend everyone to get their B-12 tested as if you leave it too long you can end up with permanent damage, scary! Especially when up to 40% of the adult population may be deficient. If you have family members encourage them to get tested also. 

A few years back I found out that the form I was taking was synthetic which is Cyanocobalamin B-12. As I researched more I found out that like the name sounds like, it contains cyanide which is released into your body. The reason companies use this form is because it costs 1% of the cost of better forms of B-12 like Methylcobalamin. As soon as I found this B-12 from Pure Le that was organic, gluten free, vegan and used the best form of B-12,  Methylcobalamin, I was sold. I have been taking it for a while now and I have noticed that my body seems to absorb the B-12 better so I am not using as much as the previous brand.