Tribe Sparkling ACV - Tropical Blend - Peopletail Review

Tribe Sparkling ACV - Tropical Blend

With the cool weather the past few days, it’s been nice to get outside and enjoy the cool days. With school winding down as well, I was able to sneak in a few hikes this week. Tribe Sparking ACV has been my partner in crime all week, and this one did not disappoint either. I thoroughly enjoyed all three of their flavours, but this is my second favourite if we are rating them.

These 355ml cans are super versatile and can be put in a hiking bag, Fanny pack or even purse to take with you where you need them to go. They also stay chilled for a long time! 

The tropical blend is smooth, and not too sweet. The carbonated water adds such a nice quick to the drink. It’s also clear, so you’re not drinking pulp which I had expected. 

The acv contains acedic acid that works to kill harmful bacteria, aids in proper digestion and also lowers blood sugar. So many incredible benefits out of one tasty little drink.

These drinks are perfect for IBS suffers, diabetics and anyone looking to try out ACV drinks. The whole line of Tribe ACV drinks are non gmo, caffeine free, and low calories. 

Get your hands on any of the flavours in the peopletail store. You won’t be disappointed!