Tribe Sparkling ACV - BlackBerry and Sage - Peopletail Review

Tribe Sparkling ACV - BlackBerry and Sage

What a week this has been! With a semester of college winding down it’s been nice to finally get some time to focus on my health a bit more. 

A few nights ago I got the pleasure of  unwinding with a Tribe Sparkling ACV in the BlackBerry and Sage flavour. These drinks have been so fun to try, and this one is by far my favourite flavour of them all. 

I really thought the ACV would over power the drink, but I was so wrong. It’s very mild, the other organic extracts mix well and make the drink so tasty. It’s kinda like a blackberry fizz candy, but this is sweetened with organic stevia leaf extract. Only 2 grams of sugar in the entire 355ml can. 

These drinks also contain acetic acid that works to kill harmful bacterias in the gut, which is perfect for me because I really struggle with IBS after my cancer treatments.

If you haven’t tried these out yet, check out my other reviews on the other flavours, or head to the peopletail store to grab some for yourself. Highly recommended!