Blackberry Sage Sparkling Water with unpasturized apple cider vinegar is fabulous! - Peopletail Review

Blackberry Sage Sparkling Water with unpasturized apple cider vinegar is fabulous!

Wow! I love this drink! You would never know there was apple cider vinegar in it. Finally, a yummy drink that is healthy too. Tribe ACV has come out with 3 different flavors of sparkling water that they have enriched with unpasteurized apple cider vinegar and they are using mostly organic ingredients as well.  l really love the taste of the Blackberry Sage one.  It has a really nice blackb erry flavor but I really didn't find much of a sage flavor which is great as I am not a fan of sage. It has just enough carbonation so that it isn't too fizzy. Sometimes I've had sparkling water that is too bubbly and it has upset my tummy, but not this one. It's perfectly carbonated.

I've tried other brands of drinks that contain apple cider vinegar and I honestly couldn't stomach them. I will definitely be getting some of this flavor for sure. Considering it is sweetened with stevia and sometimes that can leave an after taste, I did not notice any after taste in this one. 

One of the reasons I like this product overujust plain old sparkling water is that this one is healthy for you and I am all about health. If I can recommend a product to a client or friend that I think would be a better option for them I do and in this case, I would definitely recommend this over plain sparkling water. Tribe ACV uses organic unpasteurized apple cider vinegar, carbonated water, organic sugar cane juice, blackberry extract, organic stevia leaf extract, sage extract in the Blackberry Sage sparkling apple cider vinegar drink. I love that. 

It's only 9 calories for the entire can, caffeine free, non-gmo, gluten free. For me it's a win/win. If you get a chance to try these I definitely recommend this product.