Love how refreshing Tribe ACV sparkling water is! - Peopletail Review

Love how refreshing Tribe ACV sparkling water is!

I've tried several different apple cider drinks in the past and admittedly didn't like them. But Tribe ACV is different.  It is actually enjoyable to drink.

Today I tried their Tumeric Ginger Peach flavor and after a hot busy day, it was nice to get up to my backyard and just relax with a nice cold healthy sparkling water. 

This one has a full serving of non pasteurized  apple cider vinegar in it but I didn't really taste the apple cider vinegar in it. I chilled it before drinking it as I prefer a cold drink on a hot day.

I could taste the Tumeric and Ginger for sure but didn't really find it very peachy in flavor. I liked the refreshing flavor of this one. 

I did kinda have a stevia aftertaste which I didn't like. 

I drink plain sparkling water alot so it's nice to find one with benefits. The addition of apple cider vinegar has numerous health benefits for our bodies.  Did you know that apple cider vinegar:

*aids in digestion 

*detoxifys the body

*lowers blood glucose levels 

*lowers cholesterol 

So many great benefits for our health.  Apple cider vinegar on its own is hard to take by itself as it's pungent taste kinda puts alot if people off. So I love that Tribe ACV has made a great product that allows you to incorporate acv in your daily diet without worrying about taste. 

I recommend you give this one a try.