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Support your kids digestive & immune health

In cold & flu season & with the growing concern of Covid during the holidays.  Keeping my child safe & healthy has been my number one priority. I love that the Smarty Pants Kids Probiotic Formula supports digestive & immune health.   My daughter really enjoyed the strawberry cream flavour so much that she has been reminding me that it’s time to take her vitamins.  I am already a big fan of the Smarty Pants brand because they do not contain artificial sweeteners, flavours, preservatives, high fructose corn syrup (which is commonly used in products for kids & it’s highly addictive) it’s dairy free, NON GMO, no gluten, wheat, eggs, peanuts or soy for those that have allergies.    It’s also really convenient that no refrigeration is required.   They type of probiotic is: Probiotic B subtillis, probiotic B coagulan, & prebiotic immune support.   We will definitely purchase more when we run out!