Enjoy protein your way. - Peopletail Review

Enjoy protein your way.

I really enjoyed the North coast naturals pumpkin protein powder. The powder is vegan, highly digestible and contains both zinc and magnesium. I'm in my 40s and calcium is top of mind and I know magnesium is vital to the absorption of calcium.  

I am not a morning person and struggle with breakfast.  I have been making chia pudding at the beginning of the week to have on hand. For me it was a no brainer to incorporate the protein powder into the pudding.  The protein powder is pumpkin spice flavored but the cinnamon, clove, cardamom and nutmeg are subtle. A perfectly compliment a chia pudding. I will continue to incorporate this into my morning routine.


1 cup of milk (I use oat)

2.5 tblsp chia seed

1 scoop coast naturals protein powder

Splash of maple syrup or sweetener of choice 

Let's sit for 30 minutes or overnight then garnish with your favorite fruits and I also garnished with coconut chips