Upfront Cosmetics Demo - Peopletail Review

Upfront Cosmetics Demo

One of Jenna’s great passions in life (beside’s Tarra) is investigating ways to reduce the use of plastics in an effort to better protect our beautiful earth.  We were stoked to be given a shampoo bar from Upfront Cosmetics as this is exactly their plan.  By using this one bar of shampoo, you eliminate 3 plastic bottles!  

Now, some would ask, what’s the shampoo like? Well we (as in Tarra) can attest to it’s great quality. Not only did it lather up more than we expected, it left her hair feeling soft, smelling amazing and not tacky.  

One thing we would recommend is buying a little dish for you shower so this bar doesn't sit in wet and get soggy but guess what? They thought of that too and they have a cool holder (pics below) so your bar doesn't dissolve in constant wet!

We highly recommend you check out this bar and others available