Is this you at 3pm? - Peopletail Review

Is this you at 3pm?

That's me at 1pm!! No energy. Resorting to coffee until I discovered Pure-Le Naturals B12 Liquid Vitamins. 

If that sounds sales pitchy, it's meant to!  B vitamins give you energy!  Pretty much every cell in your body uses B vitamins for energy and B12 converts fats and protein into expendable energy so if you aren't getting enough in the food you eat, then 1pm crashes would be common.  People following a vegan diet are more susceptible to this deficiency as B vitamins are found in animal proteins. 

Unlike a B12 injection, sublingual don't give you an instant jolt of energy, like other supplements it takes time and you will start to see the increase of energy around 48-72 hours if taken regularly. Also, only take B12 in the morning because it gives you sustained energy that will take you a day to burn off.  If taken at night, you may not sleep.

Now, what makes Pure-Le Naturals so great? It's what's NOT in it for me.  Most flavoured supplements use "natural flavours" and that more often than not means synthetic ingredients.  Pure-Le Naturals uses actual cherry and raspberry juice as the flavour, and it's delicious. 

Also, Active B12 means it's more easily absorbed by your body and that way your cell can use it without having to convert it like other forms of B.

So, if you are looking for sustained energy throughout the day, consider taking this B12 and leaving behind the coffee.