SmartyPants Teen Boy Vitamin Boost - Peopletail Review

SmartyPants Teen Boy Vitamin Boost

I'm grateful to SmartyPants for making a vitamin that takes care of teenagers.  Vitamins were easy to find for toddlers, children, and adults, but there wasn't anything specific for teenagers.  Not only do these taste great, but they are also full of everything kids need to stay healthy. This is especially valuable given they have started having their own life - by this I mean, they go out and eat food I don't always get to approve so I'm not sure they are getting what they need to stay healthy.  As long as they are taking their SmartyPants every day, I feel better.

After 19 months of sitting at home and they are now flung back into the world, they need to regain their strength and keep their immunity strong and I have confidence they will get this from SmartyPants.