Raise your hand if you want luscious hair? - Peopletail Review

Raise your hand if you want luscious hair?

In the summer I decided to cut my hair pretty short, so I was really excited to try Suku Vitamins Luscious hair gummies, as I want to grow my hair longer.  I have enjoyed taking these gummies daily since I received them, the flavour is really yummy “blueberry bliss” & they are sugar free which is amazing!  Not only do these gummies promote beautiful hair but also skin & nails.    Some of the nutrients that help accomplish this are: silicon, biotin & hydrolyzed marine collagen, vitamin e, vitamin c, zinc & folate.  Did you know silicon helps to strengthen connective tissue?  I was amazed by what each ingredient does to help promote luscious hair.    I also love that they are plant based, Non-GMO & made with no artificial colours or flavours.  I have also already noticed nail strength & growth so I am going to continue taking them to see if my hair will grow faster.