Delicious Immune Gummies - Peopletail Review

Delicious Immune Gummies

Have you ever heard of vitamin fatigue? If not I'm claiming this saying. 

I've been taking vitamins for many years, I know the benefits of staying consistent (as in you have to take them consistently for a while in order to gain all the tremendous benefits) but it can be boring. 

Benemax introduced an entire line-up of plant-based gummy vitamins and I couldn't be more excited!  It's a fun delicious way to take vitamins that my entire family can get on board with because....they are delicious.

I love the ingredients, zinc, echinacea, elderberry, and vitamin c, all the supplements I would take separately during cold and flu season.  Now we are not sick, but taking them preventatively is also a great idea.

The other bonus is they do not contain carrageenan,  a thickening agent found in a lot of gummy vitamins, which is terrible for your health!