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Coffee wasn't the solution

A few years ago, I used to wake up in the morning after a full night's sleep, exhausted.  So like many others, I would reach for a coffee or 2 to try and "wake up".  That would be accompanied by a piece of high-quality dark chocolate. Come 12noon or 3 pm I was still tired.  I had my iron tested and my levels were fine so I wasn't classified as anemic, but what I also found out was, there are foods that actually pull the iron from your body.  Anything with high tannins (tea) or caffeine, chocolate, etc.

The other issue is, I'm 47 years old now and fast approaching if not already experiencing perimenopause which can also cause low iron monthly.  As there are fewer eggs for the ovaries to stimulate, our periods become irregular and heavier.  So while my blood scores were normal, during my period my energy levels plummet because of my period.

This is when I started taking Salus Floradix Liquid Iron. I had tried other iron supplements in the past, but they made me constipated (TMI) which turned me right off because honestly, I'd rather have no energy.  Floradix is gentle on my stomach and it also has b vitamins mixed in for added energy.  It's made a huge difference in my life and it's not something I need to take daily, just during that time of the month.

This product can be taken by people as young as 4 years old, so if you have a preteen or teen starting her period, you may find this iron supplement helps her with her moods (thank me later).

I highly recommend you get your iron tested, but then also consider you can supplement with Salus Floradix Iron.