A Smart Vitamin For Healthier Kids - Peopletail Review

A Smart Vitamin For Healthier Kids

I have to say that this vitamin from Smarty Pants has given a lot of peace of mind when it comes to my kids health. I think every parent worries about their children getting a well rounded diet especially when kids can go through picky eater stages. Being that our family is plant-based I always have to be making sure my kids are getting enough B-12 and Omegas so this makes it super easy.

What I really love about this organic formulation is the amount of Vitamin D it contains. Most kids vitamins I have found have almost no Vitamin D and it is one of the most important vitamins we can be giving to our kids especially as we go into the fall months where we can't get it from the sun. Having a higher Vitamin D level has shown to decrease winter respiratory infections by 50 percent! With the added Zinc and Vitamin C your kids immune system will be nice and strong. Another great addition to this multi-vitamin is iodine which is really important for thyroid health. 

My daughter has a dairy allergy and we love that these vitamins are free of all the top allergens and no artificial sugars. You can just tell when you are eating these vitamins that they are high quality and you know there are not any weird added ingredients. I love that each batch is 3rd party tested too. I have defiantly snuck a few and they are so good! They come with two flavors, mixed berry and cherry which are both awesome. 

If you are like me and want to make sure your kids have a super strong immune system going into back to school I would recommend you pick these up and give them a try.