Lulo For A Clean Teen - Peopletail Review

Lulo For A Clean Teen

My name is Natalie I'm 15.

Growing up with a nutritionist for a mom has been, well...interesting.  I have learned a lot about how certain products I put on/in my body actually affect my skin.  

I used to order the super cheap creams and lip balms on amazon or buy it at the drug store but I would literally always break out.

Why?  (are you ready for my moms voice ?) because your liver has to filter all the stuff you put in and on your body. The more "fake" we use, the less our liver can deal and then all the "crap" comes out our largest organ - the skin. It's kind of how like when you eat junk food your skin breaks out - same thing.

So - to all my girlfriends I say - those pimples, rough skin and blotches are coming from the inside! Don't put chemicals on your skin.

I recently tried Lulo Organic Skin Care.  Im loving the bottle because it's so pretty - I love how you twist it and the pump comes up.  It smells sweet and light, not like a heavy perfume.  Sometimes products at the drug store that were supposed to make my skin feel soft, made it feel even drier.  This serum didn't do that.

When I put it on my skin it feels  smooth and nice (I got the serum).  Serum is a great moisturizer because your skin basically drinks it fast and then you can put on a cream if you want.  I don't need it because the serum is enough. 

My lesson was, you get what what you pay for, and I don't want to spend my money on more congestion and pimples! 

I recommend you try Lulo.