Vegan Belts - Peopletail Review

Vegan Belts

Hey my name is Jenna.

Not only is this belt vegan, it is also SUSTAINABLE!

I may not be 100% vegan, but I do make vegan choices anywhere I possibly can. By making these choices we can help fight against factory farming, animal cruelty, and ultimately reduce the negative impact it has on our environment. 

The argument from a non-vegan perspective is that often items such as clothing and household products that are made with vegan materials will actually take longer to breakdown, therefore adding to our issue with overflowing landfills. This is true if we are choosing more items made from materials such as plastics, but now there are so many options that are both biodegradable AND sustainable for the environment!

That is why I am in love with this belt. Not only is it vegan, but it is also made from cork, which is a fully sustainable and renewable material. The bark of a cork oak tree is harvested without cutting down or harming the tree, and it regenerates its bark to be harvested again in the future!

These are the types of items you can feel totally good about buying, and the fact that it also looks awesome is serious bonus. I highly recommend this company. One step at a time, and we can all make a huge difference!