A Kinder Belt From Pace Vegano - Peopletail Review

A Kinder Belt From Pace Vegano

With the celebration of Earth Day yesterday and this cute belt from Pace Vegano it got me thinking about all the positive changes my family has made since we went vegan 4 years ago. We were one of the last families you would think would go vegan and we didn’t know one other vegan at the time. It was life changing! So many of our chronic health conditions went away and even though we were very environmentally friendly we didn’t know the impact that our food choices had on our Earth. 

I think choosing veganism is incredibly rewarding and it’s as easy as just making the better choice. Instead of choosing your protein from meat, choose something like tofu or nuts. Instead of fur and leather choose a cruelty free material. There is a vegan option for everything out there now. Did you know that not only do vegans live longer it cuts your carbon footprint in half. 

I wish I would have made the changes earlier because I feel better about who I am as a person and the choices I make for not only by body but in keeping the planet healthy for the next generations. It’s just small changes that add up to a big change. This is why I love these belts from Pace Vegano, they are well made and they are cruelty free. I have got so many compliments on this belt since wearing it out, can’t go wrong with cute and cruelty free!