Luxury Period Panties From MamaBFF - Peopletail Review

Luxury Period Panties From MamaBFF

I think like most women I was not thrilled with options out there for your period. Wearing a pad felt bulky and tampons were irritating but I figured those were my options. I seen a friend online talk about wearing period underwear and at first that seemed daunting but after some research realized and a good sale I purchased my first pair. 

I have now tried three different brands and this pair from MamaBFF is by far my favourite. The things I love is that compared to other brands this pair feels like real underwear, yoga pants approved! The material is soft and breathable and made up of 4 layers to keep you protected. Two of the biggest complaints I have seen for period panties are their waistbands and areas of protection on the panty. These ones from MamaBFF have a well built elastic waistband and the leakproof area goes everywhere you need it to so you can be sure you will be protected, at least twice as much as the other ones I own. These are equal to two tampons so you don’t need to be changing them throughout the day. 

As women we go through so many different stages of life it’s nice to have a product to work for all of those things. Whether it’s for your period, bladder leakage or postpartum these have got you covered. I think the thing I am most excited about is my daughter will have a healthier option for her body growing up. Pads, liners and tampons are toxic and linked to cancer, endocrine disruption, and reproductive toxicity. Scary!! 

This week being Earth Day I want to talk about how much waste you will save by using these. Just think about how much waste is caused every year by using pads, tampons and liners and how a few pairs of these gets rid of all of that. The cost saving is incredible too as the average women spends $6000-$8000 in their lifetime on menstrual products! 

I honestly can’t say enough good things about these panties. They are amazing and really well priced compared to any other brand I have seen out there. Let’s support local businesses and pamper our bodies in the process.