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Gut Health & Menopause

As a nutritionist and someone who is rapidly approaching perimenopause, I am already researching ways to transition into my next hormone stage smoothly. 

In all my years and all my ailments, it always came down to my gut health.  I suffered from candida most of my young life (undiagnosed) until I found holistic nutrition and the gut was the first thing we fixed.  It therefore stands to reason that as I get older and I am feeling different symptoms all related to hormones, that my gut is the first place to look.  Why? 

During perimenopause your body begins to decline in estrogen production.  When we think of a women's hormones we used to always think about our reproductive centre but that is changing as we learn more about the gut microbiome.   

Estrobolome is bacteria in the gut which is responsible for metabolizing our body's estrogen. If our microbiome is off, this is affect the estrogen levels that impact our weight, mood and menopause symptoms. So adding a probiotic to your daily routine is a huge part of helping to control these symptoms.

BUT.....not all probiotics are created equal. Thankfully, The Health First Network has a probiotic called ProBio Supreme that supplies 55billion live micro organisms in each does.  There are 14 different strains (did you know we carry 3-5 lbs of good bacteria in our gut?)  What's more, it also contains prebiotics which is basically food to feed the healthy bacteria.  This isn't found in most probiotics. 

This is just one example of how probiotics play a fundamental role in your overall health. #perimenopause #menopause #hotflashes #nightsweats #moodswings