Pistachio Pudding For A Healthy Overnight Breakfast - Peopletail Review

Pistachio Pudding For A Healthy Overnight Breakfast

I am always trying to find healthy breakfasts to add to our family roation and I love this healthy chia pudding using Ecoideas Pistachio Butter. I just added chia seeds, plant based milk, Ecoideas Pistachio Butter, and Ecoideas Coconut Flower Nectar and left it in the fridge until the morning. Once the kids got up I scopped it into serving sizes and topped it with some hemp seed and berries. It was sweet and nutty, a huge win with the kids too. 

Pistachio butter is super healthy as it's packed in antioxidants, it actually contains 70 percent more than almonds and 140 percent more than peanuts! When I am eating a high calorie food I want to make sure I am getting as many nutrients in as possible. I am not sure if you have heard of AGEs but they are a class of compounds that are reactive and unstable. They are linked to cancer and accelerated aging including your skin. When looking at other nuts pistachios contain the lowest amount and by quite a lot. When comparing the AGE content (kU per 100g of food) pistachios only contain 380 where as roasted cashews contain 9807!  This was incredibly eye opening to me. Pistachio butter is high in vitamins and minerals and is one of the most vitamin B6 rich foods around. I will be adding this product to so many things now and will be picking up a few of these to give to family members at Christmas.