Sweeten Up Your Life Naturally - Peopletail Review

Sweeten Up Your Life Naturally

I had never heard about Coconut Flower Nectar until I tried this organic version from Ecoideas and it's been a great addition to our life. We have been working so hard the last few years to keep our diets clean and using more organic products. I tried this in two different recipes so far and have loved it in both! The first one was in mug cakes where we used this as the sweetener and added Ecoideas Nut and Seed Butter. It tasted amazing and the kids thought they were getting a treat but I knew this was a healthier version. The second thing I tried it in was my homemade honey mustard sauce. So good! I just mixed equal parts Ecoideas Coconut Flower Nectar and Mustard and a little curry for a kick. I paired that with homemade breaded tofu fingers. I am hoping to add it to my homemade apple pie tonight as I am sugar sensitive and this will be a nice treat. The flavour is really good, it's got a rich flavour with a very light maple syrup tinge to it. I could see this becoming a common addition to our shopping list instead of refined sugar. 

There are so many benefits to using Coconut Flower Nectar over refined sugar but mainly because it's a low GI and low fructose natural sweetner. This is great for people who have to watch their blood sugar levels due to diabetes (both types 1 and 2 benefit) or those who just want to lower their sugar intake. The great thing about a sweetner like this is that is slow release so you don't get the spikes and crashes that other sweetners can give you. It is also naturally rich in minerals like potassium, zinc, magnesium, iron and vitamins B1, B2, B3 and B6. I just keep thinking of new places to add this and can't wait to try it in all my recipes that call for sugar, it will not be one of those products that last long in this house.