On His Second Bottle! - Peopletail Review

On His Second Bottle!

This is the second review I've written for Smarty Pants Men's Complete, because I felt like a follow-up was much needed!

My husband is now on his SECOND bottle of these vitamins(at his request), and while I still had to go get them for him....he has been taking them on his own without being told or reminded -this was never the case before with other vitamins.

I truly believe Smarty Pants had the right idea when it came to making a vitamin that a man will actually want to take - THEY TASTE AMAZING and they are a gummie! 

I will also say, that since having begun taking these vitamins, he is more active, more alert, and in general just happier. HAPPIER!!

The price is right, the taste is great and the ingredients are premium!