Say Good-Bye To Cellulite - Peopletail Review

Say Good-Bye To Cellulite

I was really intrigued when I heard about this Cellulite Reduction Kit from SkinTech. I am huge believer in all bodies being beautiful and that we should embrace everything our bodies are and focus on being healthy and not so much give time and focus to things society deems as "flaws." At the same time I do struggle with the little lumps and bumps that have been popping up as I age even though I eat healthy and exercise. I started using this about 2 weeks ago and already notice a difference. I use the scrubber right after my nightly bath and take two of the capsules daily. The best part I find is the cream though, it's all natural, fragrance free and easy to apply. I have even used it on my face when I am feeling "puffy" and can see an immediate difference. I feel like scrubber is essential to stopping more cellulite from popping up and breaking down the pockets that are already there. One interesting thing I learned was how estrogen comes into play with cellulite and how getting it under control can have a huge effect on how your body stores fat. I will say I'm really happy with the overall results and will continue to use this to help reduce more cellulite from popping up.