Protein Bars So Good You Will Be Back For More! - Peopletail Review

Protein Bars So Good You Will Be Back For More!

I have tried a lot of different plant-based protein bars and supplements over the years and every single one has been either too dry or had an after taste that has me running for a glass of water after. These bars from Eat To Life are not only tasty they are free from all the top allergens.

I am a busy mom and my kids are always asking for snacks so it's great to have a healthy option for on the go or just at home. I love that it has 10g of protein and only around 6g of sugar as being plant-based I can be rest assured that my kids are hitting daily ammount of protein when we incorporate healthy high in protein snacks like this. As someone who has a household of allergies these fit all our needs. Seeing that I can't have gluten I am so happy they have chosen to make their bar using quinoa as it's such an amazing grain and since it contains all nine essential amino acids it's a complete protein. This paired with that it's naturally high in fibre and low on the glcemic index (it won't spike your blood sugar) it's a healthy choice for a snack for anyone. 

Apple Cinnamon- I can't decide which one between the Apple Cinnamon and the Coconut is my favourite but this one is so good. The flavours taste so natural and I find the texture to be very pleasant. Sometimes cinnamon can be over powering to me but they defiantly got it right. 

Coconut- This bar was very similar texture wise to the Apple Cinnamon and the coconut flavour was very light and not overpowering. It's hard to believe either of these bars have 10g of protein as they just taste like a natural bar without that protein taste you sometimes have to choke down in otherprotein bars. I will defiantly be purchasing another box of this Coconut flavour.

Dark Chocolate Orange- This was a great bar but it was my least favourite as I found the base of it to be more dry. I will say I am not the hugest orange fan but even then I liked this one as it's not overpowering and has a great balance of flavours.