Safely Clean Without All The Harsh Chemicals - Peopletail Review

Safely Clean Without All The Harsh Chemicals

As a busy mom and a kitchen that is always in use I have a good stash of cleaning supplies. Even though we are huge health nuts and care deeply about the environment I am embarrassed to say we were still using some pretty harsh cleaners in our house. I guess I was under the impression that I needed them to keep things smelling great and clean. Unfortunately with two members of our house with asthma those harsh chemicals were starting to irritate our lungs and cleaning meant opening all the windows and wiping all counters down again to remove any harsh chemicals left behind. I think that is why I was so excited to try this Live Clean Apple Cider Multi-Surface Cleaner as it does the job without all the added chemicals. I figure if we don't add chemicals to our yard why are we doing it right in our house. 

The first thing I noticed was that it had a very soft scent, almost fruity but barely there. I just sprayed all the counters down and then let it sit for a few minutes before wiping it down. I didn't have to open windows after and my counters wiped down very easily. Sometimes I will use a cleaner and then once it dries I can see streaking on my counter and it drives me nuts but this one left no streaks and no dirt. I love that it is made with naturally derived ingredients like vinegar and certified organic botanical of apple. You can use this on windows, mirrors, counters, tiles and non-stainless steel appliances which helps keep the amount of cleaners I need to switch between down. 

This cleaner is made free from petrolatum, parabens, silicone, phthalates, and phosphates. It's also vegan, contains biodegradable igredients and the conainer is recyclable. The best part for me is it's the same price point as any other cleaber so you don't have to over spend to keep your family healthier and do your part for the environment. I would defiantly reccomend this and will be switching out my cleaners to Live Clean.