Benefits Of The Sun Without The Damage - Peopletail Review

Benefits Of The Sun Without The Damage

I was so excited to try this Whole Food Vitamin D from Healthology because if you were to ask anyone who knows me what the one thing I tell everyone to take it's Vitamin D. A while back I got very sick and I couldn't figure out what was going on. I was tired all the time and had migraines constantly. My doctor could not figure out what was going on and because I was getting sicker he sent me to an internal specialist. She immediately told me I need to start taking high doses of Vitamin D. It was life changing, all of a sudden my energy levels went back up and I was keeping up to my kids, my almost daily migraines went away and I noticed my skin was more vibrant. I try and go out in the sun more often but I am very pale and am at a higher risk of skin cancer so this is a safer way for me to get my Vitamin D and I have heard so many others say the same or that they are indoors working during the day time. 

Vitamin D really effects your whole body and even parts that you don't see until it's too late like osteoperosis. Did you know that in Canada 74 percent of men and 78 percent of women are deficient in Vitamin D. That's very alarming considering we are at the time where we have the knowledge and have great supplements available to us. We need calcium for strong bones and a good level to absorb from our diets is between 30-40 percent but when we are deficient in Vitamin D we can only absorb 10-15 percent. There have been studies showing that people who are diagnosed with cancer in the early months of the year have a higher mortality rate compared to those diagnosed in the fall due to having higher levels of Vitamin D coming through the summer months. It also helps regulate insulin, supports your immune, brain and nervous system health. Im not sure there is anything this vitamin doesn't do.

The reason I love Whole Food Vitamin D from Healthology is that its made from real food, not a synthetic cheap form that most vitamin D comes from. When supplements come in a whole food form they are easier on your body to absorb so you can have peace of mind you are getting are levels up where they need to be. I try and live a vegan lifestyle as much as I can and these come from UV treated mushrooms so they are vegan friendly! these are also gluten free and non-GMO and at a dose of 1000 iu you are going to be feeling a lot better in no time. If you are looking for a high quality Vitamin D this is the one for you.