Pure Protein With Only 1 Ingredient - Peopletail Review

Pure Protein With Only 1 Ingredient

I have been using Manitoba Hemp Harvest products for quite a while and was so happy to try this Hemp Yeah! Balanced Protein and Fibre Protein Powder. I use different protein powders daily and there are some that I absolutely love and some that I don't grab for first but all of them have been hard to digest at some point. I have struggled with wanting to take my protein and dealing with an upset stomach after so finding a protein powder with only one ingredient is amazing as I feel great after I take it. Best of all it's 15g of protein in one serving with the added benefits of fibre and omegas. As someone who lives on a plant-based diet this has been a great find plus it's a Canadian company and we are huge supporters of Canadian businesses. 

Hemp is an amazing healthy alternative to protein powders. It is all natural and has a great nutty flavour that adds to your smoothies. I have even made up a hemp alfredo sauce before because of this wonderful nutty flavour! It contains all nine essential amino acids with healthy fats and minerals like magnesium, calcium, zinc and iron. It is easily digestible with studies showing up to 98% of the protein being digestable which is great. It is high in fibre and studies show that only 5% of adults are getting enough fibre in their diets. This is such a great way to change that number and make sure your body is working at it's best. I have tried many other plant-based proteins and although they have high protein they are lacking in the fibre department so this is an added bonus. 

Yesterday I let my kids decorate there own smoothie bowls and today I whipped up an amazing basil berry smoothie. I added organic mixed berries, fresh basil, 4 tablespoons of Hemp Yeah! and some plant-based milk. So good! I had never really thought to add basil to my smoothies before but it's a great additive and adds a fresh kick to your smoothie, a great way to switch them up if you have one everyday like I do. 

Some of my favourite points about Hemp Yeah! is that it's vegan, B Corp certified, made with 100% wind powered energy and non-GMO, you can't ask for anything better than that.