Lung Health Naturally - Peopletail Review

Lung Health Naturally

I will say living with asthma I didn't think there would be a product that would help me but I'm pleasantly surprised with this one from Healthology. The Lung FX Formula is natural made with herbs like fenugreek, hyssop and ginger that are natural an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. I have allergy induced asthma so certain times of the year are worse for me, spring being one of them. I have normally needed to stay indoors in the morning when the allergy count in the air is higher (which is my favourite time to be outdoors) but now I haven't had such a strong reaction. I find the capsules a little large so I have just opened them and put them directly into my morning smoothie and it helps me remember to take it. I know my mom has recently quit smoking after 30 years so I am going to bring her over a bottle so she can try and help to clean out her lungs. These are also vegan and gluten free. 

Lung FX from Healthology works by breaking down and expelling mucous as the natural herbs work as an expectorant. A lot of lung issues are caused by inflammation and this contains a natural anti inflammatory to calm your lungs down. Another issue is when we are out we are always breathing toxins into our lungs and this Lung FX helps to detoxify the lungs and the antioxidants work to heal the damage done to them. Having great lung function is so important for day to day life and good health. I am super impressed with this product and excited to share with some of my friends and family.