Boost Your Heath Game with Samuraw Organic Complete - Peopletail Review

Boost Your Heath Game with Samuraw Organic Complete

I have been doing some research into vitamins and minerals lately and I was shocked at how companies can market their products as "natural" when they are just synthetic nutrients made in a lab. Did you know that when you purchase synthetic vitamins you are only absorb less than 25% of them. What a waste of money and a lot of supplements aren't cheap and on top of that, you are not getting the health benefits you think you are. I then found this product called Samuraw Organic Complete. It is made with only fresh, natural, non-GMO organic superfoods. They don't add any synthetic additives and your body can then absorb 100% of it. So much better! It contains 21 organic nutrients from 25 different superfoods with nothing else added. 

I love that it's not in a capsule form as it's hard to get my family to take them as they don't like swallowing pills. My son also has had a problem with swallowing since he was born so we have had to make dietary changes around that and this works great for him. With this I just pop a scoop in our morning smoothie and I know that they are getting all the nutrients they need to sustain optimum health. I know right now we have been trying to boost our immune systems with everything going on and this product is just another one in our tool belt. 

If you are wanting to try a product that isn't just fancy marketing but is just nutrients real food that your body can use make sure to pick this one up.