A New Product For Ear Health - Peopletail Review

A New Product For Ear Health

I think like everyone we all know not to clean our ears with a q-tip but there has just never been another option. I was excited to see this product and give it a try to see if it would be a safer tool for cleaning my ears. When you open it up make sure to read the instructions and take note of the arrow on the handle. You have to make sure to change the cleaning head for each ear also. I know I am very scared around my ears so I was glad to see a great product that was safe and not a knock off product. If you are looking for a product this is a great one to try but I do wish that it had less waste. I know they say to not clean your ears more than once every three days but I'm not sure I would keep buying plastic replacements every month and multiple if it was used for my entire family. I know some people have dry wax where they need to get oil flushed so this may be a great alternative for them.