Scrub-a-dub-dub with Almond Oil - Peopletail Review

Scrub-a-dub-dub with Almond Oil

I love using sweet almond oil for my body scrub recipes. Have you tried it? The oil is just the right consistency for this DIY. It is ultra moisturizing and the skin absorbs it nicely. 

You can use it 'straight up' as a body oil but I also recommend creating a scrub that will leave you feeling silky smooth:

1/2 cup of sweet almond oil

1 cup or sugar or salt

10 drops of your favourite essential oil

Mix it all up and store in a container with a non-metalic lid. To use, gently rub a handful of this on your body while in the shower, avoiding sensitive areas like your face. Rinse with warm water and pat yourself dry. Your skin will be silky smooth and moisturized. (It will also make your tub slick, so be careful not to wipe out in there!)

Sugar will be less abrasive than salt, so it's a good choice for sensitive skin. Salt is best for rough patches, like elbow, knees and heels. And if you want to find any tiny scratches on your body that you didn't know about - salt will help you locate them! Lol!