Oil for Acne? WHAT?! - Peopletail Review

Oil for Acne? WHAT?!

Yup. Trust me. I dealt with acne for many years and was told by a dermatologist to avoid all things oil based. Instead, he gave me all things drying and burning and chemical-based. Ugh. But, when we know better, we do better, right? Becoming educated in holisic living has taught me a ton, like this: jojoba mimics our own sebum so using this oil will regulate our oil production and not producce more. Jojoba basically tells the body, hey, we're good here!

I use this brand daily as my face 'soap' at night. It cleans off all dirty and leave a smooth finish that isn't greasy. It is a great make-up remover and mositurizer. 

Whenever possible, but organic to insure the least amount of junk is soak into your pores.