Peopletail - Crypto and Cash Back App.

We help Shopify retailers create crypto and cash back promotions.

Create promotions that attract a new generation of consumers.

A platform that connects retailers and consumers

Create Promotions

Promote products that you sell in your store

Consumer Shop

Consumers shop your site via the Peopletail mobile app

Build Community

Attract a community of consumers to earn with you.

Digital Currencies Are Here To Stay And Transform Our Future

  • Many experts agree that crypto has the potential to change our world. In fact, crypto has been compared to the Internet in its early days.
  • Cryptocurrencies are digital-only assets with transactions recorded using an underlying technology known as blockchain.
  • Through blockchain, cryptocurrencies operate on a financial system that offer efficiencies for all parties using it.
  • Since its inception in 2009, crypto has developed into an alternative asset class with long-term investment value.
  • With its benefits, crypto has captured the attention of an ever-growing generation of consumers.

Build Relationships With Consumers

  • Millennials and Gen Zs are digital natives who grew up surrounded by technology. This has made them more receptive towards adopting digital currencies.
  • According to a recent survey, over 66% of millennials place more trust in digital currencies over fiat currency.
  • As younger generations start to embrace digital cash, this presents a new opportunity for Shopify retailers to grow the relationships with consumers.

Millennials And Gen Zs Are The Largest Adopters Of Crypto

  • This is backed by research from Apex Fintech Solutions, which reveals there were around 370,000 new crypto-enabled accounts opened in the second quarter of 2022 alone.
  • Across the entire industry, it is estimated there are a total of 4.9 million accounts. Millennials and Gen Zs accounted for 75% of these accounts.
  • Instead of looking for the lowest prices, these customers are looking to support purpose-driven brands they can align themselves with.
  • By integrating crypto and cash back promotions into your business, you’re enabling consumers to earn with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Peopletail is a Shopify app that makes it easy for retailers to offer crypto and cash back promotions to their consumers.

For Shopify retailers, they simply need to install the Peopletail app from the Shopify app store. Once it is installed, they can set up promotions for any number of products on the site that enables consumers to earn crypto and cash back. The app is free to use, and only charges a service fee if a sale is generated through consumers shopping through the Peopletail app from their mobile device.

Consumers download Peopletail from the iOS or Android app store, and set up a free account. Inside the app they view available promotions from retailers and click “Shop”. Once they do this they land on the retailer website and can make a purchase. Because consumers come through the Peopletail app from their mobile app to a retailer, the app recognizes the consumers and provides attribution of sales generated.

Yes, Peopletail is currently built for Shopify Retailers only.

The Peopletail app leverages the Shopify billing API that invoices retailers each month during their billing cycle. These funds are collected by Peopletail and paid out to consumers directly. No work is required by retailers as part of the payout process to consumers.

Peopletail is free to install, and retailers are only charged the promotional value of what they offer to consumers + a 30% service fee. For example, a retailer sells a t-shirt for $30 and they offer a 10% cash back promotion to consumers, they will pay the earning 10% x $30 = $3, plus 30% service on that value $3 x 30%= $0.90. Total $3.90. Of note, Shopify charges the earnings in US currency.

After retailers have installed the Peopletail app from the Shopify app store, under the “Settings” section there is a done-for-you marketing page that can be linked to the footer of their site, as well as Peopletail promotional logos.

Retailers should handle returns as normal. If a return has been done within 30-days after a purchase being made, it will be adjusted in the Peopletail App.

The short answer is no. Shopify will charge your affiliate rewards at the end of every month. You have up to two weeks to notify us if any returns took place. We pay out the affiliate rewards on the 15th of the following month.

Yes, the Peopletail app has a very easy to use affiliate system built-in that enables consumers to generate unique links that they can share with friends and followers. Each time they share a link and a consumer buys, they earn money.

Consumers earn Ethereum as the crypto currency.

No special technology is required for the Peopletail app to work with retailers. The app provides an end-to-end system between retailers and consumers.