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Rebecca Cannon - Koning

Peterborough Ontario Canada


I'm married! Mother to Kinsley Faith! 08/14/2017. I'm expecting my 2nd child, 10/19/2020. 

Rebecca’s Reviews


Our landlords gave us these 2 huge Zuccunis. not to sure what to make with them lol. love Zuccuni though. 
by Rebecca Cannon - Koning


Received this protein drink for the hubby. its a sample. he hadn't tried it yet. same with the sauce. haven't tried it yet but will do soon.. 
by Rebecca Cannon - Koning

Home made Apple Pie

Hubby and I made home made Apple Pie a few weeks ago. it tastied pretty good! 
by Rebecca Cannon - Koning

Dinner lastnight!

This was our dinner lastnight. It was super delicious.  Cheese and mayo burger, French fries and a Ceaser salad! 
by Rebecca Cannon - Koning

Sample Source!

Everyone receives a green sample source box either 2 or 3 times a year.  I am shocked at all the items i got.  Already ate the gronala bars lol. 
by Rebecca Cannon - Koning

A Surprised box that I won on Facebook!

A girl named Sally has her own page I think and I won this box a couple months ago I just finally got it lady week. I liked all of the items ! 
by Rebecca Cannon - Koning

Some Winnings!

I Received a cream sample from DermaE, haven't tried it yet but will soon.  I also received one of my Facebook wins. I love every bit of product that I got and can't wait until I try!
by Rebecca Cannon - Koning

Rearranging Time!

These pictures are pics of my daughter a room, the first one, we removed the crib and put it in the spare room, which is the 2nd pic. I'm almost 5 months pregnant so we did some rearranging the other day. now all we need is a border and pictures...
by Rebecca Cannon - Koning


Received this from Topbox to test and review but this mission I couldn't do as I'm pregnant, but my hubby did it for me, he says it works amazing and recommends it to everyone!.
by Rebecca Cannon - Koning

Huggies Sample!

I received some huggies new born diapers sample from Sampler.  This will be good as I'm expecting my 2nd child in October. 
by Rebecca Cannon - Koning

My recent win on Instagram!

I recently won some lights on Instagram from Nuraneyat.  I haven't put them up yet but I had a choice of white or multicolor so I picked the multicolor. Hope it looks good. Will post a picture when it's all up and done. 
by Rebecca Cannon - Koning

Delicious dinner!

This was my dinner tonight.  Brocolli with melted cheese on top, carrots and hot dogs! It was super yummy. I'm completely full!
by Rebecca Cannon - Koning

New clothes!!

AAll showered and wearing some new clothes.. 15 weeks as of tomorrow! I look HUGE!  No makeup as well..  #nofilter 
by Rebecca Cannon - Koning

Crockpot Roast Beef!

IIt's been a while since I had roastbeef so hubby decided to grab one so I could make it in my crockpot, along with carrots potatoes with skins, mashed potatoes as my daughter doesn't like skin on hers and corn.  It was super delicious and filling. I think it was...
by Rebecca Cannon - Koning


Received some samples to test and review from Windy Poplar Bath and Beauty..  Can't wait to try them out. They are overnight moisturizer. 
by Rebecca Cannon - Koning

Went clothes shopping !

Since my hubby brought himself a tow truck and a trailer frame I decided to go clothes shopping for myself today..  I also got him a pair of pants and underwear lol also got my 2.5 year old daughter some new pants and shirts... 
by Rebecca Cannon - Koning

New clothes!!!

I'm currently 14 weeks today! I'm also wearing some of my new clothes I got today... and surprisingly my hair is down for once... 
by Rebecca Cannon - Koning

Everyone needs a good pillow in theirr life!

I recently won this Poly Sleep pillow on Facebook.  It's Amazing. It feels soft and comfy. Great for getting a good night's sleep. I must recommend!
by Rebecca Cannon - Koning

Anyone Love K cups?!

I received this as sample from Topbox last month. My hubby really loves coffee so I try my best to get whatever sampmes out there. I have received a few. He does like his timmies coffee and this one, necafe! 
by Rebecca Cannon - Koning

These dove products are Awesome!

I had a chance to test and review these products for free. Hubby and I absolutely loved both of them. The smell was great and it lasted long. I usually apply mine twice a day. We both recommend.
by Rebecca Cannon - Koning

Made this by myself!

I made ground beef the other day when I was making KD.  So I put some away in a container and used it for our shepards pie today.  it was quite delicious. 
by Rebecca Cannon - Koning

One of my wins from Instagram!

I tend to win lately on Instagram or Facebook. but this is am Instagram one. I won 3 bath bombs. 2 woman body butter and 1 men body butter which is more of a musk scent and some black african soap.. 
by Rebecca Cannon - Koning

beauty samples!

I like to have some connection with the girls online that are a Sales Rep for Rodan+Fields. got some samples to test out to see if I like them.
by Rebecca Cannon - Koning

Lots of meat!!

This is what almost 200 dollars in groceries looks like. well just mostly the meat. we cut it all and wrap it up separately. I think were good for a month lol. 
by Rebecca Cannon - Koning