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Rayray’s Reviews

These are dangerous!

These are so dangerous cuz I can't stop eating them! So delicious and such a convenient snack to throw in kids lunch bags or my lunch bag to have an afternoon treat! 
by Rayray

Makes me smell like coco butter

I love the scent of this body lotion, especially for the cold winter months. It's very moisturizing and I really like that it absorbs quickly. Quick tip: put it on your feet at night and wear socks, you will wake up in the morning with the softest feet!

Keto Life saver for pasta lovers!

I alternate back a low carb and keto lifestyle and these miracle noodles save me every time. You just have to make sure you prepare them as per the instructions (drain and sauté) and they come out perfect! I prefer these a bit more than zoodles because they Mimic pasta...

two breakfasts put together into one!

Cereal + French toast = french toast crunch! I'm not really a cereal person BUT this is actually the best cereal I've ever had. I've been keeping this in my pantry for decades now and it always hits the spot. It comes in a few different packaging depending on the...