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Debora Mendes

Whitby, Canada


Hi there! I am Functional Nutritionist, Debora Mendes! 

I am addicted to finding great products to recommend not just to my clients, but to my followers as well. I don't recommend anything I don't personally use or that I don't purchase myself  :) 

Debora’s Reviews

Sunscreen That Wont Harm Your Skin

I bet you never thought of sunscreen as being something that could actually harm you. It's actually something that is supposed to PROTECT you. Unfortunately, most popular branded sunscreens have specific chemicals in them that are being studied to actually cause cancer, disrupt your hormones and cause allergies. The good...
by Debora Mendes

Reduce The Appearance Of Cellulite for Summer 2019!

It's shorts and bikini weather and majority of my fellow lady followers are super self conscious to show off their legs. They have told me that the number one thing that they're self conscious about is their cellutlite. So, I am sharing my favourite at home techniques to reduce the...