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Tyler Simpson

Oshawa, Ontario


Hello, my name is Tyler I am a 25 year old social entrepreneur & digital specialist 

Tyler’s Reviews

Banana Frappuccino w/ Ecoideas Black Fig & Roasted Chickpea

Hey guys had a lot of fun creating this review, I'm excited to share with you my banana creme frappuccino made with the Coffideas 100% roasted black fig. At first I was a bit skeptical as I personally don't venture outside my tim horton's or starbucks coffee, but I wanted...

Power up with Power on

Very excited about the power on product. I am an avid athlete an spend a lot of my time working to enhance my abilities and a lot of the time this comes from diet.  I had been looking for something to help with energy and I finally found it. The...
by Tyler Simpson

Brighten those pearly whites

I am super excited to talk about  bentodent, I had seen all the craze online about charcoal pastes and I was very skeptical. I tried a couple that turned out to be an absolute mess. I am talking stain your entire white sink black type of mess. So naturally it...
by Tyler Simpson

A coffee alternative you can count on

I just started trying new coffee alternatives because I wanted to substitute some of the ingredients that were in my everyday coffees. I am always looking to enhance my health and since I am drinking coffee everyday it just makes sense that I look for a healthy alternative. After trying...
by Tyler Simpson

A pre/probiotic you can count on

Dealing with gut issues is never easy, I have had chronic muscle and stomach aches for years and I am constantly trying to find that quick fix or the lifestyle that helps me to be my best me. Most recently I have started using the Pure-Le pre + probiotic. At...
by Tyler Simpson

Tasty liquid iron supplement

I am so excited to have found this Salus product. For me personally, the taste is EVERYTHING, I cannot stomach a lot of things unfortunately and this leads me to losing out on nutrition. Not anymore! I am thrilled about the taste and effects that I have most recently had....
by Tyler Simpson

The perfect vitamin combination

Pure-Le organics has created an incredible combination for D & K vitamins. I am so thrilled with the D3/K2 mixture, I have been using the product for quite a while but prior to this I was supplementing two different vitamins which made things super difficult for me as there was...
by Tyler Simpson