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Deborah Gurash - Healthy Spirit Fitness

Callander, Canada


RMT, Reiki Practitioner, Mom, Grandma, Forest Dweller, and Fitness Lover.  

Sharing how healthy can be fun, easy, economical. and delicious!

As a Registered Massage Therapist, nutritional counselling is a part of all my treatment plans.  Food can be your best friend or your worst enemy, when trying to heal. 

Deborah’s Reviews

Milk Thistle - Your liver will thank you!

Your liver is the ultimate multitasker. It aids in digestion, helping to break down fat, absorb some vitamins and minerals, and stores glycogen (an energy source) and vitamins to be used by the body later. It cleans toxins from the blood, has a role in regulating glucose, blood pressure, insulin,...
by Deborah Gurash - Healthy Spirit Fitness

Proven Stress Reducer!

Stress.  Work, schedules, deadlines, traffic, family stresses, worries, etc....   Like many of us, I have A LOT going on most of the time.  I am definitely getting better at prioritizing exercise, nutrition, meditation, a little reading - me time.  But when my never ending to do list doesn't mesh with...
by Deborah Gurash - Healthy Spirit Fitness

Relaxation and focus all at once!

It's no wonder so many of us have a hard time relaxing.  Dealing with daily traffic, work pressures, schedules, family issues...heck, even the news reports (my hubs is obsessed), can keep our nervous systems in a constant Sympathetic State.  Once upon a time, that was just our Fight or Flight...
by Deborah Gurash - Healthy Spirit Fitness

Natural Memory Support

Aah yes. as much as I’d like to think I’m aging like a fine wine, I’m definitely noticing some changes. What did I come in here for? Why did I just pick up my phone? And (for me) the constant where are my glasses? At any age, it's so important...
by Deborah Gurash - Healthy Spirit Fitness

Vitamin D3 + K2 So much more effective than solo D3!

Vitamin D is involved in calcium and phosphorus absorption.  It helps to facilitate normal immune and neuromuscular system function.  Vitamin D is also necessary for the production of serotonin, a hormone that makes us happy.  Our bodies require calcium to build and maintain bones. Vitamin D helps move calcium from...
by Deborah Gurash - Healthy Spirit Fitness

Liquid Iron - Easy to take and Easy on your tummy!

Whenever I've donated blood, I'd be couch-bound with crippling fatigue and seemed to be ravenously hungry for days.  It was quite a mystery as my hemoglobin levels were always very healthy, so I was never considered low in iron (anemic).  I stopped trying to donate blood but still struggled with...
by Deborah Gurash - Healthy Spirit Fitness

Go green for a delicious and detoxifying St Paddy’s Day treat!

Chlorophyll is the green pigment naturally produced by plants and algae. It gives them their dark green colour and makes it possible for plants to convert sunlight into energy.  For us, chlorophyll is: A potent antioxidant, neutralizing free radicals.  A powerful detoxifier.  Chlorophyll cleanses many toxins including a class of...
by Deborah Gurash - Healthy Spirit Fitness

I actually woke up rested and refreshed!

I have a busy life!  Busy with more than the occasional side of stress. I try to stop working (at whatever) a couple of hours before bedtime.  I know I need that time to chill and let go of the day if I have any hope of sleeping.  Even when...
by Deborah Gurash - Healthy Spirit Fitness

Smarty Pants - for every stage of a woman’s life!

As women, we do ALL the things. So, we need a supplement that supports us over a number of areas. Smarty Pants for Women does that and makes it fun to take too.  A fun vitamin?  Yes - gummies, 4 of them per day.  Because we need a little whimsy...
by Deborah Gurash - Healthy Spirit Fitness

Pumpkin Power - A Complete Vegan Protein!

Pumpkin Protein! 100% pure, partially defatted pumpkin seed protein powder. A whole food based complete vegan protein. Yes, North Coast Naturals Pumpkin Protein is a complete vegan protein with all 9 amino acids to help build and repair body tissues. I've used North Coast Naturals Pumpkin Protein before and loved...
by Deborah Gurash - Healthy Spirit Fitness

Wow these are tasty gummies!

We know the best way to support our immune systems is to get enough sleep, eat healthy foods, especially plants, limit sugar, stay hydrated, exercise, and manage stress.  Many of us strive to do that, but there are days, weeks...sometimes longer, when we just miss the mark.  And, with cold...
by Deborah Gurash - Healthy Spirit Fitness

Stress Release, Immune Support, and more!

In a perfect world, we would all be able to manage stress on the daily. Eat healthy foods, exercise, have time for hobbies, have a satisfying social life, have time to slow down, and get a great sleep every night. Sounds great, but we know life doesn't always work out...
by Deborah Gurash - Healthy Spirit Fitness

So good for your skin and for the planet!

I have been making an effort over the last several years, to make the switch to all natural skin care products.  As a Registered Massage Therapist, I'm on my feet ALL day.  So, when looking at the Upfront Cosmetics line, I chose a refreshing peppermint lotion bar. Upfront Cosmetics uses...
by Deborah Gurash - Healthy Spirit Fitness

A Kid’s Multi-vitamin Gummy that’s Sugar-Free and Yummy!

Finally!  A sugar-free gummy vitamin for the little ones 😊 Suku has developed the only kid’s gummy vitamin that is sugar-free, and free of sugar alcohols and artificial sweeteners. Instead, these yummy gummies are sweetened with Tapioca syrup and Stevia. Genius, as the tapioca also serves as a source of...
by Deborah Gurash - Healthy Spirit Fitness

Zero waste laundry detergent that really works!

Wow! This was the perfect time for me to truly TEST a laundry detergent. We’re building an apartment in our home so, the hubby’s clothes are literally covered in drywall dust.  There are so many great things about this product, so I was really hoping the clothes would come out...
by Deborah Gurash - Healthy Spirit Fitness

Smarty Pants for Kids - Now Organic & Vegetarian!

A family favourite brand just got better!  SmartyPants has created a kids formula that’s organic and vegetarian!  A fantastic blend of vitamins and minerals designed to support your child’s immune system, bone growth, and healthy brain development. SmartyPants has chosen the most bioavailable forms of vitamins and minerals to ensure...
by Deborah Gurash - Healthy Spirit Fitness

Memory and mood support from flowers!

I’ve used Bacopa flowers in my gardens for years, but I had no idea they were medicinal.  Bacopa has actually been a staple in Ayurvedic medicine and has been used in herbal medicine for centuries.  HAVN Life Bacopa Brain uses the powerful Bacopa plant extract clinically proven to support cognitive...
by Deborah Gurash - Healthy Spirit Fitness

Rhodiola: Natural Stamina and Stress Relief

Like many of us, I have A LOT going on, most of the time.  There are many days when the never-ending ‘to do’ list (both in action and the ongoing one in my head) gets a bit overwhelming. That leaves me feeling exhausted and makes it difficult to focus on...
by Deborah Gurash - Healthy Spirit Fitness

A One Stop Shop Supplement for the Whole Family!

My son came up for the weekend and was complaining about having to source and buy separate supplement formulations for himself, his partner, and my grandson. His timing was actually perfect, as I had just received an answer to his problem. Health First has developed a shelf-stable probiotic with the...
by Deborah Gurash - Healthy Spirit Fitness

The Ideal Easy Fiber Source!

Let’s be honest, a super busy lifestyle, stress, not always getting enough exercise and sleep, and eating on the go, can lead to irregularity. Tough to live your best life when you’re uncomfortable. The answer?  Well, improving on all the above.  But, also fiber.  Fiber is so important, but most...
by Deborah Gurash - Healthy Spirit Fitness

A Protein Powder with All The Things 🙌🏻

I like to stock a variety of ‘superfoods’ and adaptogens in my pantry. I add them to my smoothies and boost my baked goods with them. But if I’m being honest, not only do ‘all the things’ take up a bunch of space in my pantry, they are pricey and...
by Deborah Gurash - Healthy Spirit Fitness

A Coconutty Alternative to Icing Sugar

I love baking with coconut and have always preferred using just the right amount of coconut milk powder mixed with water over a can of coconut milk in recipes.  But, never before have I considered coconut milk powder as a substitute for icing sugar. Coco Natura Organic Coconut Milk Powder...
by Deborah Gurash - Healthy Spirit Fitness

All the Benefits of Beets, without the mess!

To be honest, I’ve never loved beets, outside of my Mom’s Borscht (which was served once a year, on Ukrainian Christmas Eve). In recent years though, I’ve hidden (mostly from my husband lol) roasted, puréed beets in chocolate cake, raspberry muffins, and even in waffles. They always add a moisture...
by Deborah Gurash - Healthy Spirit Fitness

Probiotics with a Coolness Factor!

Science has shown us how intricately our mental and physical health are connected to our gut health.  We know getting and keeping our gut in top shape is vital to our wellbeing.  But, how do we do that? All the basics play a role here - getting enough quality sleep,...
by Deborah Gurash - Healthy Spirit Fitness