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Judith Duguid (CHN, RSW)

Toronto, Ontario


🌿 I am an enthusiastic advocate of all things healthy and holistic. My passion is to encourage  people to nourish their bodies and nurture their souls in order to live life fully, inside out. 

💚 My commitment is to only post reviews about products that I have researched and used myself, and to share unbiased, honest and trustworthy opinions. When companies want our hard earned money we deserve quality, value and no green-washing gimmicks, right?

🛒 Sometimes there are products that really stand out and have become a favourite of mine. I have highlighted those ones on my profile page where you can order them to try for yourself. (*Shop creation currently under construction.)

👱‍♀️ About me: I believe in lifelong learning and healthy doses of shenanigans. I love heart-stopping adventures, globe trotting our glorious planet, and giving back through sport event volunteering. I am a Master of Social Work, Certified Holistic Nutritionist and all 'round academic nerd.  

🍁 I reside in the Toronto area with my husband and special needs rescue cat, Miss Lucy. 

🔊 Let's connect! You can find me on IG, Twitter and LinkedIn: @HolisticJudith

Judith’s Reviews

Let's Get Naked! Nagi Makaroons

Product: Nagi Makaroons Review: @HolisticJudith  Looking for a healthy little nibble? This might do the trick. Nagi Makaroons are a healthy vegan protein ball. The name Nagi means naked in Polish. And, nagi these are. They are raw, organic, and free from gluten, soy, and dairy. Yay to naked, plant-based...
by Judith Duguid (CHN, RSW)

Plant-Based Enzyme Support: Enzybiotiq (Ecoideas)

Product: Enzybiotiq (Ecoideas) Review: @HolisticJudith What exactly are enzymes? They are a type of protein made from a string of amino acids. The are a real workhorse inside our cells, prompting chemical reactions to move things along. For example, amylase is an enzyme in our saliva that helps break down...
by Judith Duguid (CHN, RSW)

What the Kale?! Kaley’s Kale Chips!

Product: Kaley’s Kale Chips (Solar Raw Food) Review: @HolisticJudith Are you a ‘kale massager’? Apparently, massaging kale before consuming helps break down the fibrous structure, making it more tender and less bitter to eat raw. Listen, if I am not getting massages, neither is my food. Just sayin’. In fairness,...
by Judith Duguid (CHN, RSW)

Bentodent Toothpaste: Clean, Safe, Effective

Product: Bentodent Toothpaste (Charcoal Mint) Review: @HolisticJudith This is an earthy, natural toothpaste made with some really stellar, detoxing ingredients: Bentonite clay, activated charcoal, tea tree oil and salt. Unlike conventional toothpaste brands, Bentodent offers a product that is vegan, effective and non-toxic. It is free from glycerine, fluoride, artificial...
by Judith Duguid (CHN, RSW)

Eggcellent Fine Black Himalayan Salt

Product: Lumiere de Sel Himalayan Crystal Salt (Ecoideas) Review by: @HolisticJudith This is not just salt; this is also a Jedi mind trick. For real! Fine, black Himalayan salt infused with a plant (salsola stocksi) that tastes like eggs. Eggs, people. Eggs. It is the most bizarre thing. Opening the...
by Judith Duguid (CHN, RSW)

Chewsy: Mixed Reviews

Product: Chewsy Gum (Cinnamon) Review: @HolisticJudith UPDATE: Check out my video for an updated user experience review. I REALLY wanted to love this product but I just can’t ‘chews’ it for a number of reasons. First, here’s what was great about it: Did you know that conventional gum is made...
by Judith Duguid (CHN, RSW)

'Souper' Comfort Food: Farmaroot 100% Natural Canadian Ginseng

Product: Farmaroot 100% Natural Canadian Ginseng Review: @HolisticJudith I love making things in my old but very faithful slow cooker. I still dig the 1990’s baby blue colour, a wedding present from 25 years ago. Many a comfort food has emerged from the pot, the latest being an immune boosting,...
by Judith Duguid (CHN, RSW)

It's a Date, Sugar! LIVA Raw Date Sugar

Product: LIVA Raw Date Sugar Review by: @HolisticJudith If you are looking to up your health game but are not sure where to begin, dialling down your intake of processed sugars is a good starting point. This is especially critical for those living with diabetes. Regardless, we all should be...
by Judith Duguid (CHN, RSW)

One Versatile Superfood: Ecoideas Cacao Powder

Product: Ecoideas Cacao Powder First off, let’s differentiate: cocoa versus cacao. Both are derived from the cacao plant but cocoa is processed at a much higher temperature; cacao powder is from beans that have not been roasted and are processed at a lower temp. This means that while cacao is...
by Judith Duguid (CHN, RSW)

Natural Hand Soap that Cleans & Moisturizes

Product: Ellie Bianca All Natural Liquid Hand Soap (Citrus and Tea Tree) Does it seem like you have washed your hands a million times this year? I know I have. I think I have used just as much hand lotion to keep on top of the dryness of all that...
by Judith Duguid (CHN, RSW)

Karma's a Bite: Popped Lotus Seeds

Product: Karma Bites As a Holistic Nutritionist I am not ashamed to say that I did not know what a lotus seed was. Turns out, it is literally the seeds taken from a water lily plant. Huh. Who knew? Well, apparently Karma Bites did. They have taken the seeds, drenched...
by Judith Duguid (CHN, RSW)

Handy, Not Harsh, Greeniche Hand Sanitizer

Product: Greeniche Hand Sanitizer 2020 has been the year of hand sanitizer. I was creating my own until things like rubbing alcohol disappeared from the shelves. I did this because I was using ingredients that I knew would work and be gentle on my skin. Store bought versions can be...
by Judith Duguid (CHN, RSW)

☕ 🍸 🛀🏻 Bonnieheath Lavender: Three Ways in One Day

{Please be advised that the following contains a recipe for an alcoholic beverage.} Product: Bonnieheath Estate Lavender Lavender - it doesn't just spruce up our gardens, it is amazing for use in both body care to culinary delights. And, as an aromatherapy, it can be used neat (does not need...
by Judith Duguid (CHN, RSW)

Nuts! Seeds! Oh My! Ecoideas Organic Seed and Nut Butter

Product: Ecoideas Organic Seed and Nut Butter I just found out that peanuts are inflammatory in my system. No biggie. I love all the other nut butters. Natural ones only. Raw. And organic. Yes, some things I am high maintenance about. This product is not only nutty but seedy, in...
by Judith Duguid (CHN, RSW)

Roots to Healing Feed Me Lean Powder (Vanilla): Mixed Reviews

Product: Roots to Healing Feed Me Lean (Vanilla) I recently had food sensitivity testing done and I have had to set aside many foods, some permanently and many others temporarily while I work on restoring my gut. It isn’t always easy making meals from scratch but it can also be...
by Judith Duguid (CHN, RSW)

Switch(el) Things Up with Coconut Flower Nectar

Product: Ecoideas Coco Natura Organic Coconut Flower Nectar Have you heard of switchel (a.k.a. haymaker’s punch)? I have been making it for years and it is especially good on hot summer days. In fact, it used to be a staple for farmers who drank it to keep cool while working...
by Judith Duguid (CHN, RSW)

Nuts for Pistachio Butter Cups!

Product: Ecoideas Organic Pistachio Butter Who doesn’t love the chocolate-peanut butter combo? Well, me. I can’t have peanuts, but I can have pistachios. And, pistachios give way more bang for our health buck. So, I made cacao-pistachio butter cups. Both the cacao and pistachio butter are from Ecoideas – organic,...
by Judith Duguid (CHN, RSW)

Better Body Butter! with Ecoideas Cocoa Butter Drops

Product: Ecoideas Cocoa Butter Drops Quick Product Profile: Certified Organic, Dairy-free, Gluten-free, Sugar-free, Non-GMO, Kosher, Fair Trade Certified, Ecuadorian Grown Remember in the movie Planes, Trains and Automobiles when a character declares: 'My dogs are barking!' He was referring to his weary feet. Lately, I could say the same about...
by Judith Duguid (CHN, RSW)

Guac on the Wild Side with Ecoideas Pumpkin Seed Oil

Product: Ecoideas Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil Quick Product Profile: One Ingredient, Pan Roasted, Unrefined, Cholestrerol-free, Vegan, Kosher, Organic, Non-GMO, Ethically Farmed, Sourced from Austria I love globe trotting and Austria was one of my favourite places for so many reasons. In this time of being ‘grounded’ and unable to travel,...
by Judith Duguid (CHN, RSW)

⚡ No Junk, No Jitters Ginseng Energy Drink: FARMAROOT ENLIGHT

Product: Farmaroot Ginseng Energy Drinks - Enlight (lemon) Increase energy with a clean, no junk, no jitters drink? Well, where do we sign up?! Right here: FARMAROOT GINSENG ENERGY DRINKS I was offered the opportunity to try a new energy drink. Hmm. The only energy drinks I know of are...
by Judith Duguid (CHN, RSW)


Product: Farmaroot Ginseng Energy Drink - EMPOWER (Blueberry) Increase energy with a clean, no junk, no jitters drink? Well, where do we sign up?! Right here: FARMAROOT GINSENG ENERGY DRINKS I was offered the opportunity to try a new energy drink. Hmm. The only energy drinks I know of are...

Finally, a (Mostly) Clean Hair Detangler that Works. Honest!

Product: Honest Company Sweet Orange Vanilla Conditioning Detangler Spray I have super fine, thin and fly-away hair. I do keep it long so detangling after a shower is such a pain. I am not one to fuss about with time consuming personal care routines, so I find the whole process...
by Judith Duguid (CHN, RSW)

Frankly, Myrrh-be This Oil is Not for Me

Product: Ellie Bianca, Frankincense & Myrrh Facial Oil Having tried three other oils from the Ellie Bianca line and loved them, I was excited to try the Frankincense & Myrrh Facial Oil. Surprisingly, it did not go well. If ever there was a time to use the old line of...
by Judith Duguid (CHN, RSW)

Get Naked! with Ellie Bianca, Naked Face Oil

Product: Ellie Bianca, Naked Face Oil I have fussy, aging skin. While I am embracing my lines and wrinkles as a privilege of longevity and evidence of a life lived fully, let’s be honest, I would prefer to not have any. Alas, that’s life - at least life without chemicals,...
by Judith Duguid (CHN, RSW)